Latest US Arms Shipment to Ukraine Cannot Solve Kiev’s Fundamental Problem

Latest US Arms Shipment to Ukraine Cannot Solve Kiev’s Fundamental Problem

Latest US Arms Shipment to Ukraine Cannot Solve Kiev’s Fundamental Problem

NEW VIDEO: Latest US Arms Shipment to Ukraine Cannot Solve Kiev’s Fundamental Problem

Update on the ongoing conflict in and around Ukraine for January 8, 2022:

▪️ The US announced a major military aid package for Ukraine including 50 Bradley fighting vehicles, 18 M109 self-propelled 155mm howitzers, additional MRAP and Humvees as well as additional ammunition for various systems;

▪️Despite the relatively large size of the package compared with the last several months of aid, the weapons and ammunition fall far short of replacing even Ukraine’s losses let alone granting Ukraine the ability to match or over power Russian forces;

▪️Ukraine will likely use many of these systems to patch up elite units within its deteriorating brigades;

▪️Germany and France are also sending armored vehicles, the Mauder infantry fighting vehicle and the AMX-10 RC respectively;

▪️This is likely paving the way to send additional heavy weapons like main battle tanks;

▪️These systems collectively are less-than-ideal for Ukraine, logistics, sustainment, and maintenance issues will hinder their effective use in combat, they also will not be arriving in the numbers necessary to replace Ukrainian losses or outmatch Russian forces;

Here’s what others had to say:

Димитър Йосифов
And all of this could have been avoided if only Ukraine implemented the Minsk agreement..

Cultured Anime Waifu 3.0
Calling NATO a defensive alliance is like calling Ukraine a democracy.

kamal chandramoney
Had a terminally ill friend. We were trying everything to keep his morale high by sending him what we can as per our means, sometimes even lying to keep him comfortable as much as possible because he wasn’t so intelligent to come to term with his eventual outcome. But deep inside we all know that there was nothing we could do beside keeping his moral high. Same analogy here, Ukraine is the terminally ill facing existential threat ( its population has declined from 52 millions at time of independence to about 20 millions today in government areas), the west seems to be aware of the real situation, so they are only providing palliative care by keeping Ukraine morale high through such gestures and continous flattering through western mainstream media.

Walling Naga
Have been following him since he had around 40k followers.. good too see him blowing up giving us the other side of the story !! Tired of BBC and CNN reporting.

S Dickinson
Russian tanks are now equipped with an active laser countermeasure system. If you point a guided anti-tank weapon, rifle scope, or even binoculars at a Russian tank, it fires a laser at your optics which either permanently blinds the operator or burns out the electronic optical system. This is why you don’t hear about javelins anymore.

John Ulmer
While in Germany during my stint in the Army, we went to the 50 cal range in Graf. The range had old 113s for targets and trust me when I tell you, the 50 cal shredded the 113. With the destruction I seen from the 50 I’m not sure it would protect from a 7.62. Good luck to anyone in that rolling coffin.

Max Kazzora
Great as usual update Brian. I was never good at maths, but I even I can understand that since this conflict began, the western weapons sent to Ukraine have gradually become less and less( to put it in simple terms). Whereas as I understand it and see on a monthly basis, Russian weapons have been produced and sent to the front at a greater rate than western weapons. So in a nutshell Ukraine goes through more weapons or loses with these weapons at a greater level than Russia. Which is what you Brian, have been saying since May of last year 2022.

The fundamental problem with Kiev was hate. Had neutrality been greater than hate, it would have been fine. But hate was greater than neutrality, and so they were used and pushed into prodding for years and years. Their hate caused the loss of everything.

In the 80s, IDF soldiers would not ride inside the M113 and would ride sitting on top deck of the vehicle. They would rather risk shrapnel and small arms as the armour protection is too weak and being inside is almost certain death if the vehicle is hit by RPG.



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