Israel and Pfizer’s Dirty Little Secret – Opinion – America’s Frontline Doctors

Israel and Pfizer’s Dirty Little Secret – Opinion – America’s Frontline Doctors

Israel and Pfizer’s Dirty Little Secret – Opinion – America’s Frontline Doctors

By Mordechai Sones

A call to analyze Israel’s digital health records and publish all severe medical events occurring within 90 days of the vaccine

The average layperson does not have the medical background, time, or resources at their disposal to research every medical “advancement”, especially during a crisis. Most people trust their national health bodies to enforce their own pharmaceutical regulations. Since December 2020, when the Pfizer mRNA treatment received FDA Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), this trust has been shockingly abused. The publicized Pfizer-Israel Health Ministry collaboration agreement is highly redacted and the supply agreement has never been released. Additionally, all Israeli Government Coronavirus Committee protocols have been classified as state secrets for the next 30 years! What are they hiding? This article serves as a call for Israel to come clean.

First, Israel’s Health Ministry did not perform its own approval procedure for Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine, and instead claimed the FDA’s Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) was sufficient (in contravention of Israeli laws). Then, after illegally approving Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine, the Health Ministry did not even enforce the EUA’s conditions of approval including ensuring that health care professionals and vaccine recipients are informed of the risks of emergency use, and that a system be in place to monitor and report adverse events.

Utilizing aggressive public marketing, Israel’s Health Ministry widely and falsely claimed to the Israeli people that Pfizer’s vaccine was “FDA approved.” The Health Ministry later admitted to the Israeli Supreme Court that this statement had been knowingly false, and that the COVID-19 vaccine only had FDA Emergency Use Approval, under strict conditions (conditions that Pfizer would neglect to implement and the Health Ministry would make no attempt to enforce). The Health Ministry never set the record straight on this to Israeli citizens and the abuse of public trust did not stop there.

Pfizer’s vaccine has been administered in Israel without informed consent. Israelis taking Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine were not informed of possible adverse events or other risks, including those concerning pregnant women (a fact that triggered the resignation of a member of the Israeli Vaccine Prioritization Committee). Other than the risk of anaphylactic reaction, Israelis were not even informed of the basic contraindications defined by the FDA and other health authorities.

According to long-standing regulations, Pfizer was required by the Israeli Health Ministry’s own regulations, in addition to the U.S. FDA and other health authorities, to carry out constant and extensive monitoring and reporting (“pharmacoviligance”) of all adverse events in Israel. Pfizer ignored these obligations during its vaccine rollout in Israel, and the Health Ministry failed—and continues to fail, as the rollout to children aged 12-15 proceeds—to enforce them.

Furthermore, neither Pfizer nor the MoH has established any VAERS-like platform in Israel for receiving reports of adverse events. The Health Ministry form is wholly inadequate, and until April 2021 did not even ask for contact information or allow for a description of the adverse events. Worse, the data, once collected, is not made public.

No detailed adverse event reports have been made public by Pfizer or the Health Ministry. Any reports that Pfizer may have received through undisclosed channels were either not submitted to the Health Ministry, or intentionally concealed from Israelis by the Health Ministry.

This became evident when, after seeing social media networks flooded with serious adverse event reports in Israel, the Israeli People’s Committee (IPC), an Israeli civilian organization, took on the task of monitoring and publicly reporting adverse events. Its findings were greatly at odds with statements by the Health Ministry and Pfizer.

As of July 10th, 2021, the IPC found 426 deaths, with the majority of fatalities occurring from cardiac arrest, and less commonly, from stroke, multi-system failure, blood clots, and other causes. The IPC received 2,892 reports of non-fatal adverse events, including massive vaginal bleeding, menstrual disorders, miscarriages, stillbirths, neurological injuries, cardiovascular problems, and myocarditis. The IPC notably reported a 15% higher mortality in Israel during January-March 2021, and an 18% higher mortality among the age 20-29 bracket, compared to any of the previous 10 years. They also noted a significant relationship between the excess mortality and the COVID-19 vaccine. During June 2021, the IPC observed a very disturbing rise of mortality among vaccinated young people ages 18-40.

Yet, on March 18, 2021, the Health Ministry website reported: “[S]o far only a few cases of significant allergy have been observed and not a single case of mortality.” Victims and healthcare professionals have disclosed being told by Health Ministry employees not to report adverse events. In contrast to their legal responsibilities, the Health Ministry and Pfizer have actively suppressed the release of adverse event data. Since then, through the time of this writing, no new updates regarding mortality possibly related to the vaccine were reported by the Health Ministry.

Pfizer’s violations of FDA and Health Ministry regulations, regarding safety assessments and monitoring, resulted in a complete lack of reliable data on the risks and adverse events associated with Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine in Israel. This led health authorities worldwide to receive an inaccurate picture of the actual dangers presented by Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine. Other countries relied on this falsified information for their own approvals. Israeli legislature and private companies in Israel who cited the Pfizer vaccine’s “FDA approval” and the Health Ministry’s assurance that the product was “safe and effective” inflicted further damage to Israelis by coercing the vaccine on Israeli citizens under the penalty of loss of freedom to travel, employment, and other rights to participate in society. This led to an increased uptake of the vaccine, and thus increased harm and uncollected/unreported data. The vaccine was mandated for, among other groups, all healthcare professionals, soldiers, and teachers.

Both Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla and Israel’s then prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu described how Israel would be the world’s laboratory to test the COVID-19 vaccine’s safety and effectiveness. Former Prime Minister Ehud Barak explained this relationship was due to Israeli health insurers maintaining decades of health and vaccination records on all citizens. If side effects would occur, pre-existing medical conditions could easily be blamed instead of the vaccine. He said, “This data is a treasure trove for Pfizer.”

The world has been relying on results from Israel, “the world’s lab,” but does not realize that the lack of adverse events data from Israel is a result of the Israeli Health Ministry and Pfizer’s failure to responsibly monitor, collect and report such events. In contrast, the Israeli People’s Committee reports, based on the medical records and testimony of the injured, make it clear there are significant dangers and that the COVID-19 vaccine is causing many injuries and deaths.

This can still be corrected. Since Israel has centralized digital patient records, a forensic analysis of the correlation between Pfizer’s injection and adverse events, whether mild, serious or fatal, can be quickly and easily conducted. Accurate adverse event data, suppressed to date, would prevent unnecessary death and suffering, and rebuild lost trust. Until such an analysis is conducted, the world must refrain from using the vaccine. The Israeli people demand an immediate independent analysis and audit in Israel.

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