How Liberals Are in Denial About What’s Going On

How Liberals Are in Denial About What’s Going On

How Liberals Are in Denial About What’s Going On

By Awaken With JP

How liberals are in denial about what’s going on… Everything is for your protection. The benevolent governments and charitable drug companies all working together to take your freedoms is all for your benefit…

Here’s what others had to say:

Bez Oznaught
I used to think you were funny, but now I’m just depressed because you’re 100% right about all this.

U R Phake And Gey
“Reading is uninclusive to people who are too dumb to read.”
“I’ll write those idiots an apology letter tomorrow.”

Michael Baker
I’ve been feeling pretty down and haven’t laughed in a while, but this made me laugh out loud a few times.

Yes Inup
“Protect their people from a virus with a dangerously high rate of survival”

Slightly Crazy Vegan
OMG, I’m so one of those people in the straight jacket…at the start I was like oh shit, ok yeah ill do what I’m told…and now I’m like…wait, why are we censoring all these qualified people? We should let people have a voice, and do our best to help spread true information.

The saddest part is, this isn’t a parody. I know several coworkers and friends who have gleefully taken their 3rd, and they would be willing to take their 4th and still won’t question it

Peace Formula
“You can only imagine the dirt the Kabal has on the Austrian leaders”

Jimmy, Making it work
We should never again wonder how people were manipulated so easily in the late 1930’s.
In todays world we have so much information at our fingertips, yet we’re more Ignorant than ever.

Super Duper
“It’s easier to fool someone than it is to convince the person that the have been fooled,” Mark Twain

The Engineer
“Im pretty sure this first three times is the only time that’ll happen” I was laughing until he said this, and then I remembered how brainwashed these people are

Adil Or No Deal
I really like to think that we’re currently living in a dream….more like a nightmare actually. A really long, non ending nightmare.
It’s sad to realize that you’ve been surrounded by idiots your entire life and needed something like this to happen to realize it!
Never stop making these videos man! People will wake up one day. They just need a couple more boosters and maybe a lockdown or two.

Andrew West
You know things are getting scary when satirical comedy of the world comes off as informational. Love what you do JP, you’re the only one I’ve seen that has figured out how to show the insanity without the cancelling backlash…. A true warrior of freedom beating them at their own game!

Louisa May Riggall
I cried watching this, but this content is helping me to remember that I’m not going crazy; the governments of the world really are pushing their agendas on us. Good to know I’m not alone, even if this is tough stuff to be made aware of…

Bill Bailey
I had an interesting talk with a Liberal yesterday, who managed to ignore every law and breach of trust since 2016, proven in court, often ignored by Liberal media, naturally, and focused on 1 day, 6th Jan, and saw no hypocrisy in the glaring double standard. SMH.

Eric B
Unfortunately, we’ve reached a point where this “skit” is more fact than fiction. In fact this entire skit is pure fact and virtually anything coming from the kabal mouthpieces are fiction, innuendo and propoganda.

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