Here’s Why Bill Gates Wants Indemnity… Are You Willing To Take the Risk?

Here’s Why Bill Gates Wants Indemnity… Are You Willing To Take the Risk?

Here’s Why Bill Gates Wants Indemnity… Are You Willing To Take the Risk?

By Canadian Times

Here’s what others had to say:

Amy Allen
He smiles whenever he mentions death and sickness it’s truly nauseating

Devina Webster
Evil evil people in authority powering this through without hesitation

David M
So Bill, while you try to contain your humorous thoughts about this and considering you are in the upper age range yourself, will you be leading the way in the human Guinea pig global experiment and taking a couple of synthetic mRNA shots yourself? There is just one very important thing you are forgetting Bill: none of this is necessary and in actual fact will be a catastrophically expensive folly for humanity.

Mr. LaBelle
Ethically speaking, how do the all of the major U.S. medical entities allow Billy boy – a man with no medical degree – to dictate to the U.S. public what is a “preferred and acceptable practice?” This alone should be a huge ethics violation.

David White
After you Kermit ,, I Insist !!!!! Well put together belgianquill , Cheers !!!! Gonna send this to my old Dad !! Might help him get tuned in !!!

Jo Ken

marilyn jackson
Get rid of the music and just allow what is said, would be good..because older people need to be able to hear this too..

Henry G
He can make billions on the vaccine but if it kills you, You can’t make a penny? What type of shitard is ok with that

k m
Music is so distracting

Joe Farhat
Valuable information,, and very interesting. But what I can’t understand is why would you choose this music. It discredits the tutorial, it may discourage viewers and not be taken as important data.

Csaba Kakas
Killing, in the name of helping. This is the main reason (method) why they can do it so well. For a while..

Frances Trane
Good work!! Btw, I thought the music was awesome as it helped make the point! I did not find distracting. And my not a young one. Keep it, please. It was cool 😎

Sue Seward
I could care less if there’s music or what music. This message is what’s most important not the music. I pray daily against these satanic freaks.

LOL using that Billie Eilish song, cuz I’m pretty sure that, being a Woke liberal, she’s pro vax. But good choice, because they’re all definitely “Bad Guys”!

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