Gravitas: Panic Buying in China

Gravitas: Panic Buying in China

Gravitas: Panic Buying in China

By Newzealand Times

China has asked its people to stock up on household supplies without telling them why. Is China heading into a nationwide lockdown? Is it expecting tensions with Taiwan to blow up? Or is there something more serious that Beijing is hiding from its people and the world? Palki Sharma tells you.

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ron bittel
You seem to be giving us more news reporting covering international events than our American media which focus more and more on entertainment and sports. Thank you!

Chinese people interviewed have been responding “ no I’m not stocking up on food because vegetables don’t keep long” … obviously a super healthy way to eat in a day to day basis when in a non emergency situation…

lior yunfh
“China likes being an exception…but not in a good way” LOL I love this woman.

Aj Summer
Whenever i watch you report, i get goosebumps! You are by far my favorite reporter.. Straight to the point, no sugar coats, just pure and unapologetic honesty. Mabuhay and much love from the Philippines.

Zara Israel
I love how Chinese always planning for long term events, unlike us in most western European countries where government’s never give us warnings, we wakeup and supermarkets have empty shelves and petro stations have run out.

Chris Hickey
She says ‘is it something worse’. The reality is that dwindling food supplies is a serious threat and there is no bigger threat to the human race at the moment. Learn to grow your own food and take control of your own future. Best of luck to you all.

Ricardo Hernandez
Thank you for the insight into the mechanisms and psyche of that enormous military state.

SecndPrimar Leon
2 things: preparing for war or just for pandemic. their economy is suffering, and now their preparing for something.

Lekshmanan T S
This too can be part of a war game. The objective of this exercise- to assess the supply adequacy and the logistics of a supply side disruption when the country is actually at war.

james clarke
“Why” is simple. Encourage spending now and spout the statistics later to cover up their economic dip. The same way the US claimed their shipping dilemmas is caused by “high demand” and “increased wages”. The same way many countries claimed average citizens “saved money” during the pandemic to cover up economic downfall. All this instills confidence in their own economy and doesn’t spook stock holders to shift money elsewhere.

Witness Truth
Why did Walmart start their online ordering in June or July of 2019, right before the outbreak of COVID-19? They didn’t just think of it to be nice to their customers and increase the number of their employees, they knew what was coming to America long before it hit. All of the basic needs to sustain life as we know it is in danger.

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