“Free Again” Movement in Athens, Greece Pushing Back Against Vax Mandates

“Free Again” Movement in Athens, Greece Pushing Back Against Vax Mandates

“Free Again” Movement in Athens, Greece Pushing Back Against Vax Mandates

By Trump News

“Free Again” Movement in Athens, Greece Pushing Back Against V@x Mandates.

Greece’s “Free Again” movement is pushing back against V@x mandates. More than 5,000 anti-vaccine protesters, some of them waving Greek flags and wooden crosses, rallied in Athens for the third weekend in a row to oppose Greece’s coronavirus vaccinations program.

Here’s what others had to say:

Linda McDonald
This is Exactly What Every Living Soul on this planet, should be doing, if you want to Save and Protect Us All🙏
Freedom Is Coming and There’s No Stopping Us

Haven DeLay
The Whole world, if it values FREEDOM must push back!!! I am not going to shop at any store that is mandating this crap. I’m not going to shop where they try to force masks Enough is enough. I haven’t bought a coke since that CEO mouthed off about stuff. I haven’t bought form Chili’s since they pulled funding for the NAA’s Big Red Safety Box Project years go. Sure I miss some of their food, but I will not eat there again. Sick of people not honoring our freedoms.
Some TV stars have mouthed off too, saying they don’t want conservatives watching “their” show. Great – fine by me. Not watching anymore.

Keith Reynaldo
No one on here is going to change the other person’s mind. Pick a side and move on. Bickering back and forth only wastes time and energy and keeps you divided, which is exactly what those in power want. There will always be another issue to play on your fears. Is there a solution ? Yes. Turn your tv off.

Aida Ovasapyan
Why is mondetory people who believe or like vaccine let them do it they not get *coooooo viiiiiddddd,why they have to worry people don’t have vaccine , so they ;safe,

Annie Pepers
I typed people and phone put airlines. We are being controlled by these bloody phones

Marilyn Sesrch
No they should not be forced to get the j a b it should be a personal choice

Nicole Garcia
This is why they destroyed small business….corporations/big companies will do as they are told and won’t stand up against a wrong. Once you take away independent business owners you control everyone.

Brandy Shriver
The health care workers need to get some balls and start saying enough. How does it feel to be the ones being forced to comply? Welcome to our world. I speak up and say enough. I am NOT wearing a mf mask, I am NOT going to be forced to do a damn thing by anyone, especially a crooked government.

Heather P Shampo
Laws need to be changed for so called private business, if a business has more then a hundred employees world wide, they no longer should be able to be under private business laws for employees or customers, and in no way should they be able to override Civil Rights, state and federal Constitution, or laws!!!

Mark Shutler
Ben … please show proof with interviews or signs that specifically say they are protesting the shot! My liberal friends think it’s a sham.

Nora Elson-White
HIPPOCRATIC OATH: FIRST DO NO HARM!!!!!! Thank you Greece for the democratic legacy you have given us and all we have gained from the doctors like Hippocrates, philosophers like Aristotle, mathematicians like Pythagoras, poets like Homer, comic poet Aristophanes, tragic poets like Socrates + Euripides etc. The engineers of the Covid-19 plandemic + manufacturers + associates of the vaccines have no humanity unlike these great men! No concern for the health of the people! May God bless you all in Greece.

Peter Evans
True my friend, cause look , a person spends money and time to develop a profession as a doctor so, he medically qualified to tell himself whether to take the shot or not, and his choice to put himself on frontline to help others. It kinda empathic the situation government is enacting upon them.
TRUMP 45 blazing on 🇯🇲🇺🇸😎✌🏿😎🇺🇸🇯🇲

ebecca Ann Waddell
We the people (world wide) must stand up against this tyranny!

Rose Lisak
Mr. Pittman why don’t you watch the Doctors for Covid Symposium.
It will give you more info than I could or would want to spend time posting in rebuttal.
You already seem to have a combative attitude and I usually find folks who sound like you are looking more for a fight with people than actually learning anything other. Can’t help hearing MSM and governmental news but there are many accredited doctors and scientists out there who don’t agree.
They have in opinion brought sound findings. Do yourself a favor as a human being and listen to the Symposium.

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