EVERYTHING Changes in 3 Weeks as Putin Amasses Biggest Force Yet

EVERYTHING Changes in 3 Weeks as Putin Amasses Biggest Force Yet

EVERYTHING Changes in 3 Weeks as Putin Amasses Biggest Force Yet

By Redacted

Ukraine is reeling from the targeted strikes from Russia. Much of the country is without water and electricity because of the critical infrastructure strikes. It is a signal that Russia knows what is happening behind the curtain in Ukraine and can reach into wherever they’d like. What happens when the soil freezes? Massive offenses? We have chilling predictions from Colonel Douglas MacGregor.

Here’s what others had to say:

James Sheldon
After doing deep research to understand the war in Ukraine, I now understand better than ever that our country’s downfall-in-progress is a result of corruption and the lies necessary to cover up the corruption, and still, we want to be the moral police of the world. Pray for all the young men loosing their lives, and the old men and women, the children…while our arms manufactures and big corporate media make a killing…it’s just sick.

MultiPolar WorldOrder
Thanks to Redacted for the coverage on Ukraine and the interview with Col. Douglas MacGregor.

Max Power
You guys have some quality guests on your show! Col. Douglas Mc.Gregor gives an incredibly in-depth, truthful & unbiased analysis of the situation in Ukraine.
This is in stark contrast to a media awash with such blatant BS propaganda that’s it’s impossible to really know what is going on anymore.

Alejandro Vargas
The Colonel is rock solid in his analysis. All anyone can do is pray for a speedy end to this war, with as few casualties as possible.

Thank you Redacted for having Colonel Macgregor as his wealth analysis help us understand what’s really going on. Much respect.

David Stickler
Colonel McGregor is a fantastic analyst and it’d be nice if our govt had fellows like him involved to try and settle this disaster.

Sergey Ditev
Many thanks from Moscow to Clayton and Natali for running these shows, I watch them almost every day. Very professional and humane. I wish we had more people around the globe able to listen and hear others like you do, we would not then discuss possibilities of a nuclear or any other kinds of wars. Great to see Colonel McGregor here, very impressive overview, thank you very much!

Great feedback from Col Douglas Macgregor. Elucidating, education, erudite, analytical, what more could a viewer wished?

Trish H.
Simply great Interview! Such a relief to know there are still sane, logical, clever thinking people still among us. Thanks to guest and all!

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