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Creepy Joe Biden is Back to His Old Tricks Again Caught Touching a Young Girl

Creepy Joe Biden is Back to His Old Tricks Again Caught Touching a Young Girl

By Sky News Australia

Here’s what others had to say:

zyah zyah
The fact we have a president nobody trust their kids around is pretty cra

Robert Crist
The fact a parent would allow this is beyond imagination?

wokeness is a sickness
Imagine if Trump did that , the uproar would be all over the world and in every media outlet.

Vintage Dreams
“She was 12, I was 30″… and the school teachers all laughed. It’s beyond me how people allow creepy Joe anywhere near their children.

simon pope pope
As a sports coach for young kids, I would expect my head to be knocked off my shoulders if I acted like this when teaching them. The guy is a demented creepy corrupt deadbeat.

David Hill
Imagine training half your life to be a secret service agent and you get stuck with this guy…

Leonard S.
Rita is right. The corrupt media does not mention this bizarre behavior these days.

The News In ASL
It is great that someone out there is reporting this. It is just too bad that the people reporting it are all the way over in Australia.

Maureen Mcdonough
No-one mentions how uncomfortable the child is….she’s creeped out and all the adults did nothing to stop it!!!

Dolores Mills
Parents beware: It’s the hands on, overly touchy and affectionate “uncle” that you need to keep a close eye on around your children.

Steven Fernandes
Let’s all remember his daughter wrote in her diary that he was taking showers with her. So even though this is horrifying, just try to picture what he’s done with his daughter.

Ol’ Mr. Ellis
“No serious guys until you’re 30”
That’s probably the most unremarkable and toxic advice you could give a teenage girl. Basically like saying “I want you to ruin your life and never be able to find a decent husband”.


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