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Afghanistan Veteran Vows To Stand Up to Cov Tyranny in the UK

Afghanistan Veteran Vows To Stand Up to Cov Tyranny in the UK

By Australian National Review

Speaking with Breitbart London a former British soldier said that many veterans are willing to take a stand against the “tyranny” imposed by Boris Johnson’s government during the coronavirus crisis.

At an anti-vaccine passport and anti-medical coercion protest in London on Saturday, military veteran and life coach AJ Roberts said: “I served in both Iraq and Afghanistan on foreign soil, for our government, for our people and I’m again here for our people today but this time my attentions are turned on the very people who are bringing this tyranny to our shores.”

Roberts, who served in the British military for fifteen years after joining at the age of 19, said that the limits on liberty are coming from the British government and Big Tech, who he said “are trying to censor people who are trying to bring the truth to the population.”

The Afghanistan vet said that Joe Biden’s botched withdrawal from the country has left a “sour taste” in the mouths of many who served in the now-Taliban-controlled country.

Yet, Roberts said that the most pressing issue going forward for many veterans of the British armed forces will be defending liberty at home.

“The number of veterans who are waking up to this absolutely horrendous mess is growing by the day, hundreds, possibly thousands now, are very aware of what’s going on and are very angry at what’s going on,” he said.

Mr Roberts also said commanders in the army are putting pressure on active duty members to get vaccinated against the Chinese coronavirus.

While the British government has yet to mandate the vaccine for soldiers, all members of the armed forces have been offered the jab.

“I’m getting messages every single day from people who don’t want to be jabbed and they are being peer pressured into getting it and told if they don’t get it they will be [undeployable], which in some cases means being threatened with [losing their] specialist pay,” he said.

“Having been in the military for fifteen years and having had every vaccine going, including anthrax back in the Iraq days, I can wholeheartedly tell you there has been no coercion whatsoever on the other vaccines like we are seeing today,” Roberts said.

The fifteen-year vet said that commanders who pressure soldiers into getting vaccinated should face liability if any adverse reactions to the jab occur, saying that “lawyers are working night and day to bring people like this to justice”.


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