Documents show COV is a psyop designed to change you and your nation

Documents show COV is a psyop designed to change you and your nation

Documents show COV is a psyop designed to change you and your nation


COVID-19 is a massive psychological operation designed to manipulate the way populations act and think. That’s the message former Royal Navy officer and independent journalist Brian Gerrish has given German lawyer Reiner Fuellmich in a recent video conference.

Gerrish, who founded and fronts the popular online news site UK, linked up with Fuellmich to discuss the lawyer’s series of cases to bring down the fraudulent RT-PCR test. Fuellmich has filed a defamation lawsuit against corporate media fact checkers who called Professor Wolfgang Wodarg a liar for exposing the inability of PCR testing to detect actual COVID infections.

Gerrish explained that a widely available UK government report named “Mindspace – Influencing behaviour through public policy” detailed a joint British-French government project employing behavioural psychology. At the time Gerrish’s team began to see “very, very serious things happening in the UK”.

“If I just focus immediately on the Government’s use of applied behavioural psychology, back in 2010 and 2011, we as the UK Column were warning that the Government had set up a team which was called the Behavioural Insights Team … a team of psychologists who were working directly alongside not only the political process, but the policy-forming process within the British Government,” Gerrish explained.

In the “Mindspace” document the government admits to using applied behavioural psychology in designing and implementing policy. On page 66 the authors boast they can change the way people think and behave, and that people will not be aware that this has been done to them. But it adds the caveat that if they do realise that their behaviour is changed, they will not know how it was changed.

“We read this document and we were shocked, and we then started to research further. That then led us to discover that, around that time and of course a little bit earlier, the British Government had been conducting meetings with the French, in which we were bringing the political psychology teams together to produce joint plans with the French.” The key Frenchman present in the meetings was Olivier Ouillier who was working directly then for Sarkozy’s private office.

Gerrish said the all the meetings “were essentially held in secret” but the UK Column team, by carefully researching along specific routes understood to be important, discovered they had taken place. “For example, most of these meetings were conducted under the guise that they were part of a charity, the Franco-British Council, which said it was simply set up in order to improve relationships between Britain and France.

“So these meetings took place, and it was very clear that there was concerted effort to expand the use of these techniques: not only from Britain and France, but the implication at that time was that these techniques were going to be used across the wider power base of the European Union.”

When asked by Fuellmich what the purpose of this psychological activity was, Gerrish said it was about taking power. “Well, if you want to execute power, then you’re going to try and use normal, democratic politics, or you’re going to try and use force, or you’re going to try and use other means. And so, this comes to me as other means. I have to say that when I saw how cynical this was, how calculated it was, when I was using effectively my military background, I could see that this was the use of raw power.”

Gerrish said that very early in the “pandemic” he learned that the government scientific advisory group, SAGE, had an internal meeting with elements of the Government’s Behavioural Insights Team and the key person concerned with this was Dr David Halpern.

“That meeting was not properly minuted in a proper official sense, but they did put out a briefing sheet from the meeting, and in that document, which I think was dated 22 March 2020, it admitted that the SAGE team and the government’s policy on coronavirus was going to use applied psychology in order to ramp up fear in the population, in order to get the population to adhere more closely to the Government’s policy over the response to coronavirus.”

Gerrish said the SAGE document, aside from saying they were going to ramp up fear, said community members would be used to effectively police each other i.e. use people to put pressure on neighbours to wear a mask or adhere to social distancing. Cairns News notes that the South Australian government has implemented a COVID marshall system, in which government approved persons police COVID regulations.

“So it was very clear in what they were talking about that they were going to use this covert applied psychology to pressurize citizens to act against one another. And, significantly, they also said that this had to be done with some care, because they believed that it was possible that this situation could get out of control.”

Gerrish said the techniques being used on adults, the psychological techniques to induce stress and fear, were also being used on the children, and Fuellmich said every week, they changed the rules for schools, so that that teachers had to sit at their desks over weekends to figure out how to make these things work.

“And what that is, the uncertainty and the change in the rules, that is part of the psychological attack,” noted Gerrish. “Because the uncertainty immediately is putting people in a position of stress and anxiety and confusion.

“And if we go back into the professional world of applied psychology, people who are in a distressed, confused state are very susceptible to further messages and instructions. If there’s a fire in a building and people are starting to panic, the first person that starts to give clear commands to the people, those commands will be followed. And that is due to the psychological state.”

Gerrish went on to explain UK Column’s exposure of the insidious organisation Common Purpose, that had worked its way into all sectors of UK society and employed a type of brainwashing and hypnosis called neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).

While the technique can be used as a therapy to help people with psychological problems, Gerrish says its use by government agencies is in the realm of brainwashing and psychological manipulation.

“So, [we must] bring these two together: It is a fact that the British Government set up a specific applied psychology team. It is a fact that that team was promoting ideas to make the population fearful around the pandemic,” said Gerrish. But, on a much bigger scale, that team was using—amongst other things—NLP in order to influence virtually every document that the Government was producing

“Now, when you start to see NLP being used for political objectives, of course, the wider public is very, very vulnerable, because unless you have a little bit of training or knowledge of NLP, you won’t even realise that it’s being used on you, and it can be used in a verbal sense but it can also be used in writing.”


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