Winter Olympics in Doubt As Cases Rise

Winter Olympics in Doubt As Cases Rise

Winter Olympics in Doubt As Cases Rise

By Sky News Australia’

The Winter Olympics are scheduled to take place in three weeks, but a recent rise in COVID cases is raising concerns and uncertainty over the event.

China is battling multiple outbreaks in different cities, and over 20 million people are in some form of lockdown, with many residents banned from even leaving their homes.

The International Olympic Committee has assured public safety protocols will be in place for the Games, and Beijing officials are saying they are increasing preventative measures.

Here’s what others had to say:

Wild Wallaby
Can we all take a moment to realise that something made in China has lasted this long.! Kudos to you China.

Man of Truth
Can wait to see the cardiac arrests and the inevitable reveal that all those were due to full poke and boost.

Lord Voldemort

But but weren’t they doin such a good job over there, we were told to be like Chyna… They never want this to end!..

Kaos The Cosmic Reviewer
never mind the fact that it is in china, which should have been boycotted or cancelled the moment such a thing was thought of, the very notion that these criminals are allowed to hold a winter or summer Olympics after the shit they put the world through is truly mind boggling.

Vics Popular
Who else couldn’t care less about these woke events, if someone was to tell me they are training to make it to the olympics one day, I would probably burst out laughing.

Kayla Bond
Will be watching it by the waterside of the shipping port the LNP sold to china…
Just to feel like I’m actually there.

YouTube Censors
With as many athletes as are collapsing/dying suddenly from cardiac events, we’ll see if they go forward and we see athletes drop to the ground or if they realize how many questions that would raise and they cancel it.

You guys do know there’s a hemorrhagic fever going around in China right? Go on
Send your athletes .
But make sure you send the tennis player who already had covid home. Yea. Makes perfect sense

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