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TruthGroups, Hits Over 200,000 Posts by users in its first 10 months

TruthGroups, Hits Over 200,000 Posts by Users in Its First 10 Months

By ANR Reporter

TruthGroups, Hits Over 200,000 Posts by Users in Its First 10 Months.

TruthGroup, a group of censor-free social media platforms including which is growing organically with thousands a month continuing to join, has had over 200,000 posts made on its Facebook alternative platform.

With Facebook suffering a major decline in profits as reported yesterday, it bodes well for alternative social media platforms.

Facebook’s shares are plummeting.

Officially: Facebook-parent Meta reported Thursday (AEST) that its profit more than halved to US$4.4 billion (A$6.9 billion) in the third quarter from $9.2 billion a year earlier, and said it plans “significant changes” to bolster efficiency in a tough economic environment.

The reality: Meta isn’t going anywhere, the globalists want everyone to live in the Metaverse and will sustain it as long as is necessary with their fake monetary system, “says Independent JournalistMaria Zee, of Zee Media.

The Australian National Review Founder, said “the decline of Facebook is because of Globalist’s demands to censor and its cancel culture. But it’s a boom for alternative social media platforms such as Rumble, $4 billion, GAB and others like TruthGroup, which has multiple censor-free social media platforms including its Facebook alternative in and YouTube alternative in
In recent valuations, it’s valued at $60 million USD.


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