Pensions and Social Security will be WIPED OUT by Inflation

Pensions and Social Security will be WIPED OUT by Inflation

Pensions and Social Security will be WIPED OUT by Inflation

By Health Ranger Report

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I am not certain about Bit Coin. It will have a target on its back before this is all done. Government will find a way to dismantle it.

Mike you live in TX and should know this fact :
The Texas Teacher Retirement System for public schools ONLY increases IF the state legislators VOTE to increase it !
THEY DIDN’T increase it in the past 7 years !
College and University staff retirees get annual increases just as legislators do tied to COLA EVERY year but NOT PUBLIC school retirees !
The Tx state legislators have ONLY have ONLY increased the TRS PUBLIC Retirement 4 times in 25 years !
They don’t get an option to opt out and buy gold or fund their own Retirement.

That’s because they don’t want you to use cotton because cotton allows your body to breathe they would rather you buy microfiber which is flammable and when burnt leaves a plastic black Ridge hence plastic which would stick to your body and burn you more. I actually noticed the price of cotton was way more than microfiber a year or so back it’s unreal what these lunatics have released Upon Us poisons in every aspect of Our Lives all the way to the clothes you wear or the fabric you sleep in.

NYS max COLA is 3%, but only on the first $18,000
They maxed it last September at an extra $45 per month.

part of it is mad money printing, but the Glorious pillow case would be worth nothing, if no one bought them. Come on buyers, quit complaining and use a little discretion.

In my opinion the only thing that will hold value is food, medicine, water, car parts, fuel, shelter and survival knowledge. Can’t eat gold or silver, neither can you survive on it, in 15 minute cities, the governmenet will find a way to take it off you. The money you have right now is better spent on future survival and as a means of getting out of the way of the chaos that’s coming.

Lawrence Rayburn
There’s no more time to do this, but the Lord helped me game the SS system.
I was forced into retirement in 2009 at the age of 60 by LF that I contracted in
Southeast Asia in 1970. The VA turned me down in 2009 for disability and I
HAD to check out SS. When I said to them I KNEW I had to be 62 to be elegible for SS early retirement, they looked at me like I was crazy and said,
‘No sir, you were VESTED in SS 5 years after you enrolled in 1964 because you have never missed a month paying into the system. You can get full
retirement NOW. They told me to see their doctor and after listening to my
story about the VA refusing me disability, he started writing and 2 weeks later
I started getting SS checks. That was in 2009 and I’ve been getting checks for the past 14 years. The average retiree lives just 5 years after retirement
age……I’ve beaten that nearly three fold.
So, I’ve gotten about $270,000 out of my SS account without reducing the principle. You people don’t have that much in SS and the USA will soon be destroyed around you, so you won’t get anything.
Too bad, so sad.

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