9 Instances That Can Change Your Mind About Time Travel

9 Instances That Can Change Your Mind About Time Travel

9 Instances That Can Change Your Mind About Time Travel

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Lisa Nesbitt
I was watching a show about this device they said it was a hearing aid device. It wasn’t a cell phone.

Abdulrhman Salama
The idea of time travel itself is some kind of a prove that tie travel exists
Because who would have thought of traveling through time??
Who told them time is a medium that we can travel through??
Now keep in mind when the idea of time traveling was first out there.. There weren’t many sci-fi movies and TV shows if at all like today
Just in case you say people nowadays can imagine anything why couldn’t they back then?
We can imagine nowdays anything because of how far we got with science, discoveries, contemporary art and entertainment industry.

Matthew Shellenberger
The problem with time travel is omnipresence. That is the ability to exist everywhere and every time simultaneously. Since human beings are not omnipresent, time travel is impossible. There is no past or future you doing what you already did or will do. Not to mention that if time travel were possible, people from the future would already be changing the past. We wouldn’t remember Hitler, the kennedy or lincoln assasinations, 9/11, and a slew of other injustices.

Kellee Kugies
I’m wondering if you strained your arms while making this video… all of these stories seem like a huge stretch.

Christyne Allison
Yeah, the problem with the mobile phones…there are no cell towers.

Joel Fahlberg
The second one is quite obvious if you know how tapes used to be recorded, the narrator stresses that it’s live to theow you off the fact that you’re still watching a recording and with very little digging you should be able to figure that one out yourself. And so on and so on.

Janet Ling
The only thing that made me think was but if these people had been using mobile phones and thought to be time travelers surely they would have more sophisticated equipment than a mobile phone !!

Gaynor Watts-Wallis
The people on the mobile phone, who and how were they calling? Surely even if they had travelled back in time with their mobile they wouldn’t be able to use it! ….’Hi mum it’s Karen, I won’t be home for tea tonight I’m stuck in the 1930’s!’

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