22 Ways To Stop Global Passport Systems

22 Ways To Stop Global Passport Systems

22 Ways To Stop Global Passport Systems

By Vaccine Choice Canada

Avoiding vaccine passports and digital IDs of any kind is an important step to stopping the advancement of global totalitarian control. Below are 22 steps you can use to opt-out of the madness and protect your privacy and freedom:

  1. Do not comply, whether or not you’re coerced, bribed, guilted, intimidated, or manipulated into complying. “Civil disobedience is necessary.”
  2. Contact your investment adviser. Give them a list of companies involved in vaccine passports and pushing the agenda and tell them you no longer want to support them.
  3. Avoid all digital identities and vaccine ID passports offered by banks, driver’s license facilities, and other industries as a means of increasing “access” or “convenience.”
  4. Tell your friends, family, and acquaintances about the real goal of digital identities is to survey and control your every move. If you want to know what this looks like, look at the social credit system in China and North Korea.
  5. Share messages of truth around your community. You can spread the word using flyers, postcards, stickers, or “swag with a message.”
  6. Don’t support establishments that require proof of an injection or negative test.
  7. Email your elected representatives and demand they stop passports and digital IDs.
  8. Support and donate to organizations that are taking action against mandates and passports.
  9. Move your money from large banks to small, community credit unions.
  10. Build family or community food systems, as food supplies will go a long way against their digital financial blackmailing systems.
  11. Boycott the banks, high-tech, and corporate organizations that are building the infrastructure to enslave humanity.
  12. Use cash as much as possible.
  13. Leave your cell phone at home and avoid any and all data-tracking apps.
  14. Limit the personal data you share online, on paper, and anywhere else.
  15. Avoid purchasing “smart” products of any kind, such as smart televisions and Alexa devices. These products are all used for surveillance purposes via audio, some visual, and data aggregating, not to mention potential integrated mind control technologies.
  16. Establish financial security outside the system. Hold real assets, precious metals, decentralized crypto, and other assets that can be bartered.
  17. Clear as many debts as you can so you aren’t beholden to anyone.
  18. Invest in people, learn trade skills, family and community, hard assets, proper schooling for your children, local farmers, any necessary supplies or equipment you feel you need.
  19. Support resources — medical, legal, and otherwise — to fight the COVID-19 tyranny and stay updated on legal action and legislation against COVID-19 mandates.
  20. Be aware that it is not legal to require a person to get injected while it’s still under emergency use authorization.
  21. Be there for those who have received the injection and are having adverse events or choosing not to get boosters.
  22. Visualize a better future for all, where these corrupt individuals are stopped in their tracks.

Canadians need to stand up and fight for The Charter of Rights and Freedoms. It is a National Document (not a Federal or Provincial Act) endorsed by nine Provincial Governments and The Federal Government. There is no other document like it that applies to the rights and freedoms of every Canadian—and it is The Supreme Law of the Country being an integral part of the Constitution Act of 1982.

If it fails to apply, our democracy is lost, and a precedent is set enabling Governments to enact new unilateral actions, without appropriate Parliamentary oversight, suppressing basic individual rights and freedoms.

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