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YouTube Deleted This Video Immediately By National Times Australia Here’s what others had to say: JoQer Joe Lean not on your own understanding. Walk by faith and not by sight. Be confident in your faith. Satanic Child Sacrifice, Adrenochrome is the mark of the beast. The vax isn’t the mark. The

You Wanted Solutions To Take Back Our World. We Have To Take Back Our Power and To Do That We Have To Take Back Our Money By Jamie McIntyre https://anrvideos.com/2021/jm/you-wanted-solutions.mp4   Here’s what others had to say: Margaret Moy My opinion is that, That’s why they got rid of the

World Health Org. calls for global system of surveillance, more authority over nations, billions more in funding. By KENTON BIFFERT and PAUL SMEATON The pro-abortion World Health Organization (WHO) has released a report calling for greater authority for itself in countries around the globe, a global surveillance system, as well

Woman With ‘Life-Altering’ Injuries After BS 19 Vax Teams Up With U.S. Senators To Demand Answers By CNBS News A Utah woman and two U.S. senators are teaming up to get answers from federal health agencies about life-altering injuries people have experienced after receiving a COVID vaccine. Brianne Dressen is a preschool teacher from Utah

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