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Zuckerberg Warns of Austerity at Meta By RT News The tech firm reported a decline in revenue in the second quarter of this year. Mark Zukerberg, co-founder of the social media giant Facebook and its parent Meta Platforms, suggested on Wednesday that the US economy is seeing a downturn and

Zuckerberg Slips Up—or Does He?

Zuckerberg Slips Up—or Does He? By Dominick Sansone It doesn’t matter if it was the FBI or Facebook leadership who decided to censor the Biden laptop story. Mark Zuckerberg’s apparent revelation on Joe Rogan’s podcast is currently receiving a good amount of media attention—as it should. Zuckerberg stated that the FBI tipped Facebook

Zimbabwe Launches Gold Coins as Legal Tender to Tackle Hyperinflation By Sky News According to the International Monetary Fund, inflation in Zimbabwe reached 837% (year on year) in July 2020 and, although tighter fiscal policy helped reduce it to 60.7% by the end of last year, it remains in the

Zelenskyy is now America’s Welfare Queen, and Ukrainian Officials are Buying Properties in Switzerland and Driving Lamborghinis! By Midnight Rider Channel Zelenskyy is now America’s welfare queen, and Ukrainian officials are buying properties in Switzerland and driving Lamborghinis! Click Here To Play Video

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