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Your Opportunity To Report the Major C0V-19 Misinformation Spreaders

Your Opportunity To Report the Major C0V-19 Misinformation Spreaders

By Steve Kirsch

The official US government form to report misinformation spreaders (see this article for a relatively complete list) can be found here (note the screenshot below has been creatively altered by me to show how an honest government would frame the problem):

Video walkthrough (3 minutes)

I have also created a short video showing how to fill out the form that I hope everyone will watch; you’ll see why just 30 seconds into the video where I read the “creatively enhanced” text from the image above.

Here’s what others had to say:

Greg Shaw
Isn’t this like asking chickens in the hen house to write a complaint to the fox? I love your work, Steve, but I’m doubtful reporting to the “government” will help.

Hint Hint: Steve wants you to click on his video & check it out!! Wink Wink

The Martyn Factor
Vivek Murthy is nothing more than a goblin eagerly in the service of evil. Render him no assistance.

Joe Kosugi
Communist Vivek Murthy needs to be reported as a misinformation spreader.

Moon Diamond
Report the non-peer-reviewed research pushed by the news about how vaccines supposedly prevent transmission (can’t be proven except by a double-blind study and it’s too damn late to do another one of those)

Are you kidding! Fill out a government form reporting these corrupt pseudo government health organizations to our totally corrupt actual government. Go ahead make your self a target or our totally corrupt government. I don’t think so. ‘“We are just here to help”


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