VSRF Today: Doctors Ryan Cole and Richard URSO

VSRF Today: Doctors Ryan Cole and Richard URSO

VSRF Today: Doctors Ryan Cole and Richard URSO

By Steve Kirsch

Media Matters update

The CEO of Media Matters refused to answer any of my questions, not even disclosing the number of staff people who wrote the defamatory article.

However, I’m no longer a liar! They quietly changed the headline.

See my updated article for details.


Watch the preview for this week’s show with  Dr.  Richard Urso, MD and Dr. Ryan Cole, MD

In the end, Dr. Cole says he isn’t anti-vaccine.

I asked Louisa to have him clarify that remark on the call.

Can he name a single vaccine with a proper post-marketing risk-benefit observational study following two matched groups showing that people who got the vaccine are better off from a morbidity and mortality point of view? I have yet to see a single such study on any vaccine because they would all fail. It’s never been formally done for any vaccine in America because nobody wants to know the answer. Isn’t that interesting? Instead, we have anecdotes like Wayne Root’s wedding statistics showing that vaccines are harmful. The next time your doctor suggests you take a vaccine, ask him for the post-marketing safety study on that vaccine. Your doctor will not be happy. Try to record on video the look on his face when you ask that.

Kids who have not been vaccinated at all are 10X healthier than their vaccinated peers, on average, according to Andrew Wakefield. I’ve seen nothing credible that disputes this.

About Dr. Urso and Cole

Drs. Urso & Cole, founders of the Global Covid Summit (GCS), will take your questions and share the current news and happenings at the GCS.  They will also discuss the latest research on the harmful side effects (especially in children) of these COVID vaccines. The findings discussed include:

Read my Substack on the Thailand study of young adults.

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