Triccy Priddy – (Cit Journo) Our Drs Are Being GAGGED Even Harder!

Triccy Priddy – (Cit Journo) Our Drs Are Being GAGGED Even Harder!

Triccy Priddy – (Cit Journo) Our Doctors Are Being GAGGED Even Harder!

By Elita Purcill

Through the new legislation, “Health Practitioner Regulation National Law and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2022”, the well-being of patient being the primary concern of a Dr, will now take a backseat.
Instead, toeing the line of the governing bodies, will now become the Drs priority.
If the Dr speaks against the narrative, AHPRA will be given extra powers to silence the health professional.
This includes a Dr discussing the serious safety risks of certain medical procedures and providing an opportunity for free and fully informed consent.
The Drs on a large scale have been complacent for many years on this issue, only now getting involved because it affects them personally.
There are of course exceptions to this rule, but generally speaking, this rings true.
For a group of people that are meant to be highly intelligent and held in high regard, the cowardice and selfishness of this specific group of people, has been disappointing.
Obviously a direct relation to the level of indoctrination and reminiscent of the level of integrity that the technocrats that currently run this world, possess.
Better late than never, Drs must now rise up together and speak against AHPRA and the new legislation (especially those that took a hippocratic oath), because only two things will happen from here.
1. Success will be acheived as a result of a mass push back
2. The medical profession will be pushed beyond return, into a state where medical professionals work for the state and follow orders directly, with no consideration for the patient.
We all need to support people of courage during these challenging times.
The time to stand together is now!
Next rally – July 23 Musgrave Park @ Midday.

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