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The Global Health Organisation recommends that the “Vaccinated stay a minimum of 15 metres away from the unvaccinated”

The Global Health Organisation recommends that the “Vaccinated stay a minimum of 15 metres away from the unvaccinated”


The Global Health Organisation recommends that “the vaccinated stay a minimum of 15 metres away from the unvaccinated”, as the vaccinated pose a serious health risk to those that may come in close contact with.

In a release, it has gone on to say,

“Those individuals that choose to partake in a Global Medical Experiment, one that is unproven, rushed to market, ineffective, unnecessary, unsafe and outright dangerous, must not expect their lives to ever be normal again, nor think it doesn’t come with significant health risks for both themselves and the wider community”.

It says “As there is more and more evidence the most Covid vaccinated due to the mRNA spike proteins, the vaccinated are affecting those around them, particularly women, many who suffer bleeding with blood clots from the uterus and also an increase in miscarriages“

“People must realise just because totalitarian governments around the world are bullying, intimidating, co-ercing, bribing and trying to threaten lose of job or preventing from travelling and make false claims the Covid vaccines are both safe and effective, citizens must realise this is simply Government or media propaganda and isn’t based on science”

It said “The 15 metres distance apart, doesn’t guarantee the unvaccinated won’t be affected but it will limit the potential damage.
Unlike the 1.5 metres social distancing rule to keep everyone apart to stop transmission of Covid, which it said along with mask wearing had no basis in science. As the transmission of Covid between the infected has been almost non existent.
Whereas the transmission of those vaccinated to the unvaccinated of damage caused by the spike proteins has been substantial, even though exactly how isn’t yet known”.

The Global Health Organisation recently released a 85 page report by independent doctors and scientists for people to read before they consider taking the Covid vaccines.

It said “If you don’t fear the common cold then you should not fear Covid and the level of alarmism over Covid is bordering on irrational and paranoia”.

Its report was scathing on the corrupted World Health Organisation which it said according to a motion put through the European Parliament back in 2010, “ the drug companies ( ie vaccine makers) had dangerous levels of influence over WHO and got caught out in 2010 trying to hype a normal flu strain out of South America to a Global Pandemic. They then since had the definitions of a Global Pandemic changed so when they tried such a scam again in late 2019, they would be more likely to get away with it.

The report is available at their website




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