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Stew Peters With Dr. Ariyana Love – Vaxx Hydra Rapid Human Cloning

Stew Peters With Dr. Ariyana Love – Vaxx Hydra Rapid Human Cloning

By Dr. Ariyana Love

“That Thing” was discovered in the Covid Vaxx under microscopy by Dr. Carrie Madej and released on Stew Peter’s Show, on September 29th. It turned out to be a transgenic Hydra Vulgaris.

Because Pharma savages purposefully hide their injurious vaxxine ingredients under a trade secret, I knew the only way to get to the bottom of the mystery of why Hydras and parasites are in the Covid Vaxx, is to read through the peer-reviewed literature. A tedious job that even evades experts.

I appeared on the Stew Peter’s Show on October 27, to break my findings.


Transgenic Hydra lines were developed for GAIN-and Loss-of-Function use in humans at the Wuhan Institute in China and funded by Anthony Fauci, the NIH, and partly by DARPA. Karen Kingston revealed on Stew Peter’s Show that the patents holders are Israeli Zionists.

Hydras and parasites are being first transfected with chimeric pathogens using Plasmid DNA (E. coli bacteria and fungus) to produce a new genetically modified line of Hydras. They are coded with the synthetic genetic sequences of the Lentivirus and Luciferase. These are the infamous “spike proteins” that are being coded into human cells using the Covid-19 “vaccination” program.

Lentivirus is a combination of SARS, MERS, HIV 1-3, and SRV-1 (AIDS). Luciferase is a luminescent Green Flourescent Protein reporter system that allows for the 24/7 tracking of hybrid humans (the vaxxed) through an external computer interface. These are GAIN-and-Loss-of-Function bioweapons.

Transgenic Hydra lines work as vectors, carrying the messenger RNA (mRNA) of the Lentivirus and Luciferase. The GMO Hydras polyps and parasite eggs are carried on the lipid coating of programmable nanoparticles which are delivered on Graphene Oxide sheets.

The coding of human cells with chimeric “spike proteins” through Reverse Genetics, is done by electroporation using programmable Gold Nanobots and CRISPR-Cas9. This technology is all part of an operating system that’s being shot into the veins of our children for the purpose of transfecting them with the most deadly pathogens ever created by governments.

Transgenic Hydra and parasites are assimilated into the human host through Homoplastic transplantation. Once human cells are coded with the artificial reporter genes, the cell signaling of the human alters permanently and synthesizes with the transgenic Hydras cell signaling, called Cantenin Signaling. The entire process of cloning ultimately constructs a new neural network and an artificial brain in humans, as well as a third strand to the DNA.

BLAST technology is being used to create new DNA sequences for cross-species genomics, and yes, this is cloning. The Covid Vaxx inserts an operating system enabling a computer interface that stores your internal data on an external database, for totalitarian control of transgenic humans (the vaxxed) using the Internet.

The operating system is gene silencing and knocking out the genetic sequences your patent holders don’t want you to have, while coding your cells with new, artificial genetic sequences through external interfaces. Essentially, they’re playing god’s. Your patent holders will be able to upregulate and downregulate your genetic sequences through external controls. This is called the “Hybrid Genome Assembly”.

The intended result of this genetic experiment is a mass die-off and rapid cloning of the human race to create an artificial hybridized species. Most people will become sterilized after Covid-19 inoculation and their lineage terminated, many will die and be exterminated because the human body cannot withstand this toxic experiment.

A small percentage of genetically cloned humans will be able to procreate but I strongly advise the vaxxed DO NOT PRODUCE OFFSPRING because they will not contain our God-given human genetic codes! Your offspring will not be human. If you want to have children for God’s sake, do not take the Mark Of The Beast. The operating system targets embryonic cells also cloning your offspring and thus hybridizing future generations. Cloned genetic mutations are always unpredictable so there is a great risk to your hybrid children.

A breaking news report from Mike Adams, The Health Ranger of Natural News, revealed a new scientific discovery that is indeed a “true horror”. Catch the Brighteon podcast.

Stunning new research published in Viruses, part of the SARS-CoV-2 Host Cell Interactions edition of MDPI (Open Access Journals) reveals that vaccine spike proteins enter cell nuclei and wreak havoc on cells’ DNA repair mechanism, suppressing DNA repair by as much as 90%.”

Make no mistake about it humanity is facing a totalitarian biological attack using a very advanced weapons system that contains programmable nanobots and GMO’d microscopic organisms. Everything I’m reporting here is open-source, viewable online, and linked into my article on Red Voice Media entitled, What’s In the Vaxx? Transgenic Hydra And Parasite Implants Used As Rapid Human Cloning weapon system.

Dr. Christiane Northrop appeared on Gene Decode with Nicholas Veniamin to discuss detox protocols. Nicholas revealed that organic/synthetic insect DNA is also being used in the vaxx and this is what’s causing Morgellons.


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