Situation Update, Jan 17, 2023 – Breakthrough Nutritional Solutions to HALT CLOTTING and UNFOLD Spike Proteins

Situation Update, Jan 17, 2023 – Breakthrough Nutritional Solutions to HALT CLOTTING and UNFOLD Spike Proteins

Situation Update, Jan 17, 2023 – Breakthrough Nutritional Solutions to HALT CLOTTING and UNFOLD Spike Proteins

By Health Ranger Report

0:00 Intro

6:44 Cheap Energy

10:42 20 Minute Neighbourhood

15:03 Unvaccinated Pilots

17:08 Pure Blood

27:17 World of Academia

31:55 Breakthrough Nutritional Solutions

43:57 Food Sabotage

46:44 AI Systems

57:50 Interview with Daisy Luther

– Dr. Bryan Ardis reveals nutritional solution against fibrinogen clotting

– Published scientific study reveals nutritional combo that UNFOLDS spike proteins

– WSJ admits CBDCs are coming, whether you’re ready or not – suddenly it’s no longer a conspiracy

– mRNA vaccine push into animal herds is another globalist effort to destroy the meat supply

– The truth about “PureBlood” bull semen and sustainability of animal herds

– Whistleblower reveals US government is running attacks on America’s food infrastructure

– Leftists believe COAL mining is bad, but MINERAL mining for “green” energy is good

– The green energy infrastructure needs 15+ minerals mined from all over the world

– New special report released with Steve Quayle and Mike Adams: “GRID DOWN – What Now?”

– College professor claims astrophysics is RACIST

– Scotland pushing globalist concept of “20 minute neighborhoods” where you are a prisoner

– 90% of online content to be generated by AI in just a few years

– Rise of AI systems underscores the importance of being a creative, conscious HUMAN

– Interview with Daisy Luther from The Organic Prepper about FRUGAL LIVING

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I remember visiting my grandparents in Siberia. They lived in the middle of the woods, hundreds of miles away from any civilization. You had to be dropped off there by helicopter. They had basically nothing, just some shotguns and fishing equipment. They were the most real, most grounded and connected people I’ve ever known. My grandmother always talked about nature as God. Just shows you don’t need that much stuff to survive or to be happy.

Thanks — Very imformative and thought provoking interview today. Good information — for newer and long time listeners.
– Being Frugal– I’m grinding up more dried Purple cabbage, purple broccoli and purple kale today while I listened–
To put in capsules-
-I harvest and dehydrate many of the leaves and stalks of the plants each growing season.. thoses leaves are just as yummy/ nutritious dried– as eating fresh in salads.. in the summer.
-These ground nutritious greens get me through the long winter – because I dislike buying store bought vegetables.
I like — Putting these greens in capsules- for ease of taking daily.
I also will add them many of my dehydrated vegetables to soups, stews, smoothies ,etc.. all winter/ spring.

Astrophysics is racist because it sounds like afrophysics.

Stuart Jones
Does anyone have a link to the Davos elite requiring un vaxxed pilots? Or the fact they must use gas powered cars?

Cancer patients using alternative therapies frequently use proteolytic enzymes in their treatments. The enzymes kind of act like little pac man and gobble up tumor debris, circulating cells, etc. It common practice to use enzymes for that reason; but the bromelain is usually used in combo with other proteolytic enzymes, like serrapeptase, nattokinase, etc. (though many cancer patients use serrapeptase alone). Adding the NAC, taken at the same time as the bromelain is an interesting finding; since NAC’s also very often used in alt cancer therapy. Great info on that one.

mary allen
Johnathan Otto has recently produced some documentaries featuring Dr. Artis and other doctors offering nutritional solutions for covid. Several good series on fighting covid and the jabs injuries. Good news about the licorice root. It’s one of those short-term supplements I’ve read though. I think elderberry, another short-term is helpful for covid too among other things.

Texas Bill
Traditional American cooking: piece of meat, vegetables with little butter, potatoes with everything having greasy white gravy. At least my mother’s father was Louisiana French, so we ate garlic, spices, and seafood. Later I learned to like Mexican, Korean, Thai, Chinese food.

Woke Astro Physics is finding racism because they don’t like studies of Black holes. Their woke bias translates holes as Ho’s.

I personally take NAC daily, Serrapeptase at night on an empty stomach and Quercetin/bromelain with food everyday, plus vitamins/minerals (B complex) with zinc and probiotics, food grade hydrogen peroxide and boron mixed in water, I’m not in absolute perfect health but I don’t need prescription drugs and vaccines to stay alive. Don’t let someone tell you that your life and future depends on a quick fix experimental injection.

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