Novavax Joins the Bioweapon Lineup but Two Doctors Are Ready

Novavax Joins the Bioweapon Lineup but Two Doctors Are Ready

Novavax Joins the Bioweapon Lineup but Two Doctors Are Ready

By Stew Peters Show


On today’s episode of the Dr. Jane Ruby Show, Dr. Jane exposes the Truth about the next wave of bioweapons disguised as “safer” alternatives to the Pfizer and Moderna Clot Shots and it doesn’t look any prettier. But all hope is not lost as Doctor-Cop Dr. Bill Lionberaer talks about his special work rescuing patients and their families from tyrranical hospitals and more hope from America’s favorite frontline physician, Dr. Zev Zelenko, who shares his views on what the jabbed can do to improve health and avoid disaster and how to protect children during this mass genocide campaign.

Here’s what others had to say:

All vaccines are poison. Past and present.

I agree that all va66ines are bad, but I need some evidence to show others about the smallpox va66ine. Please share if you have some. Thank you!

God I pray no one takes this stuff. Right now we have to try and stop babies from getting triple jabbed because the death toll will be massive.

What people are participating in this sick and evil demented inventions of toxic injections to put in other human beings!?! How many satanists are there!?! Unbelievably Outrageous!

Every time I go to my local grocery store there are people sitting in chairs that just took their jabs. I can barely keep my composure when I walk by. When children are sitting there my heart breaks. When oh when is this going to be stopped. I feel like we are being pushed onto the trains. The difference between Hitler and now is Hitler didnt have the rest of the world standing with him. Pray and God Bless us all.

I may not understand everything but it’s very comforting to know that Dr. Jane and other’s have the information so we can reference them as needed.

No vaccines! I got the first two and I regret it now. I will never get the boosters. Even if it means losing my job.

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