New Zealand’s New Rules: Unv@@@@ Not Allowed “Freedoms”

New Zealand’s New Rules: Unv@@@@ Not Allowed “Freedoms”

New Zealand’s New Rules: Unv@@@@ Not Allowed “Freedoms”

By Ben Swann

New Zealand’s Prime Minister has instituted a two-tiered system for Xe and unXe, claiming that only those who follow government orders will be allowed freedoms.


Here’s what others had to say:

Brad Trepanier
Ben Swann just to let the world know CANADA has already implemented these rules over 2 months ago un vaccinated cant go to gyms restaurants movie theaters bars sporting events rec centers government facilities some grocery stores. Vaccine QR code must be shown to do these things. Mandating children to be vaccinated in order to play sports in school. Vaccinating kids as young as 5 currently. And cant get on a plane train or public transit if not vaccinated. Thousands have lost their jobs for not getting it. We are a split society here and getting worse every month as more and more things get taken away.

Pinky Brewster
The first yr the govts closed dwn businesses to financially strap the owners…sec yr they let u stay opened with vax pp…all by design because small businesses need to also feed their families and cant afford to be fined or closed again….but these businesses need to realize they too will lose all rights but by then it will be too late for them….we need to STAND AGAINST THIS ….PEOPLE FORGET TO LOOK BK INTO HISTORY..INSTEAD CHOSE TO REPEAT IT!

Dio Castillo
The entire world need to wake up.. all this is pure evil. They don’t care about any body health, it’s all about control and mandate. This is a war between good and evil.

Gab Sal
Discrimination. Totalitarianism. Taking peoples civil liberties! You need to stand up and say enough. Don’t let them control your freedoms.

Tommy Z
Please pray for and communicate support for the citizens of New Zealand to push back against this tyranny!

Harry Nagessar
People of Zealand open your eyes and see what is happening in your country, equal rights are taken away.

Brian Epling
What is abundantly clear is that these leaders of country and government are being forced to do this. I can’t imagine they are this stupid and tyrannical, collectively.

Octavio Merino-Nugent
It is implausible to me, to see in 2021 how politicians and lobbies ignore the fact; that they are implementing the same regime that cost so many deaths on the battlefield. Oh have you forgotten that you have always fought for freedom?Enough of just complaining, complaining and whining and not proposing solutions and not presenting.

Maria McKenzie
I’m so relieved that what’s happening here has gotten international. Gives me hope that we might be able to turn things around if everyone realizes our freedom and rights are being controlled and taken away for their own agenda. I hate going out now, everytime I’m out in a mixed group of people I’m anxious of getting abused by people to get “jabbed” as it’s the “right” thing to do.

Patricia Donohue
Follow the money and the controls automatically falls into place… There are some crazy people running the show at this point and its beyond belief.

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