New Data Proves Not a “Pandemic of the UnVaxxinated”

New Data Proves Not a “Pandemic of the UnVaxxinated”

New Data Proves Not a “Pandemic of the UnVaxxinated”

By Australian National Review


New data out of Israel once again proves that the lies we are being told about Covid are falling apart. This time, the lie is that you won’t get a serious case of covid if you are vaccinated and that the vaccines will prevent you from being hospitalized or even dying. New data out of Israel where a very large portion of the population is vaccinated now shows that the rate of hospitalization and death is largely unchanged.

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No matter how one twists and this.. it remains an obvious globally implemented scheme of historic proportions resulting in grand benefit a few while harming the many –

It’s not about your health. It never was.

My daughter is a critical care RN that did a 4 week rotation in covid ICU in September. She said 2/3 of the patients dying were jabbed

Thank you for the update but the emotional rebuttal from the politicized agenda pushers are that the un-vaxxed is the reason why the vaxxed are getting COVID19 (mild or serious)…. Yet the vaxxed are the ones showing high viral loads after getting vaxxed, not quarantining afterward, and not wearing masks when they go out.

Thank you for bringing the facts.

Ben can you respond to the article by Jewish newspaper put up by Blackdeath2019 and Tracey11 is response please?

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