Is the Media Dehumanizing the Unvaxinated?

Is the Media Dehumanizing the Unvaxinated?

Is the Media Dehumanizing the Unvaxinated?

By The Pulse

As vaccine pressure mounts for the unvaccinated, mainstream media has begun taking aim at the unvaccinated, attempting to, what seems like, turning others on the unvaccinated.

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Meanwhile in Australia daily mail editor caught on camera directing journalists to discredit/shame anyone who says anything against vaccines when covering covid stories. Avi yemani, rebel news shows the video in a clip. Have a look and share 🙂

The appalling behavior of canadian media throughout this pandemic keeps getting worse. Immoral doesn’t even begin to describe them. I cannot understand how they can blatantly promote hate and discrimination and be able to live with themselves. What I’m seeing happening in our country makes me incredibly sad.

Purple Flame
Thank you for your courage to speak up the truth!

Marion Moore
Yes they absolutely are!! I’ve seen doctors post that they believe unpoked people should be segregated from the poked. They don’t seen to realize that this will create a second class system that will be considered unclean and unworthy of basic human necessities.

Tv Time
bring it Im waiting

Canada is not a democratic country. It doesn’t have liberal values. I usually advise people to avoid moving to Canada.

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