Funeral Director of a Family Run Funeral Home “I’ve Never Seen a Death Rate Like It”

Funeral Director of a Family Run Funeral Home “I’ve Never Seen a Death Rate Like It”

Funeral Director of a Family Run Funeral Home “I’ve Never Seen a Death Rate Like It” 

By Staff Reporter

Funeral Director of a Family Run Funeral Home – For the Doubters This Is Me, I Have Been in the Trade 15 Years
What I will say is last year the death rate was totally normal in fact many of my colleagues turned their fridges off before Christmas because there was no one to put in them.

We returned after Christmas and they began v… locally on January 6th and the death rate immediately went through the roof.
In fact, in fifteen years I’ve never seen a death rate like it.
Then as suddenly as it began it ceased.
We haven’t seen a C… death for three months now.

I had a government sponsored pandemic guy who used to call me every Monday he would ask me two questions.
How many deceased have I collected that week where they come from and how many were C…. and this was in order to collect C..death numbers.

I explained I had collected people from care homes who were not C… but had simply passed to old age.
He then began steering me saying “but wasn’t there c.. in that care home or hospital”
Deliberate inflating C.. numbers despite me insisting they were not.
After some months he finally admitted to me he did not know why he was doing the job as everyone was saying the same thing – there were no C… deaths.

Some months ago I looked after a senior consultant who lost his wife.
We got quite close and he told me openly never to take a j@b and he told me they are very very dangerous.

When it first appeared like everyone else I was very concerned.
One of the first deceased I had in my care when the event started was a six-year-old girl who had passed due to cancer.
Naturally, her family wanted to see her and this was at a time when funeral directors were taking Coffins straight to the hospital and sealing them.
No wishing no dressing and frankly because they could get away with it.

How could I tell this family they could not see their little girl?
So I washed and dressed this little girl and had her embalmed and I then thought “ if I can do this for them I can do this for everyone”

So that’s exactly what I’ve done through this whole C… episode  I have washed and dressed every C.. labeled deceased personally this is dozens and dozens and dozens of people and I did so without a mask because I could not get any.

I’m 53 I have high blood pressure and I am an asthmatic.
This is supposedly the world’s deadliest event  – it’s a miracle I’m alive eh…  🙄

Now I will tell you as a funeral director I have seen massive effort made to deliberately inflate C… death numbers.
Cancer patients and stroke victims and even one guy that was run overall ended up with C…  on their death certificates – why?

I’ve also spoken to numerous families who were extremely angry and upset that C… was on the d certificate – they know their love ones did not have.

Many of the alleged p0sitive  tests were performed on those that passed away post-mortem as well raising obvious concern for their legitimacy

I even heard whispers of local health authorities being paid a premium for every death certificate with C… on it – a clear incentive to do so – and there is no smoke without fire.

I can tell you with confidence being on the front line I have spoken to many doctors many nurses and even a midwife who all agree with me as well as other funeral directors that this has nothing to do with C… and everything to do with you taking an experimental g3ne therapy j@b.

I predict that this winter the mortality rate will be primarily in recipients of this j@b, it will be blamed on a newly named variant and those who refuse to have it.
Partly to apportion blame and partly to try and mop up any last people refusing – I’m telling you I feel it will happen and when the panic rises it’ll fly through emergency legislation I’d wager to facilitate it.

I’ve already seen local health authority tenders for huge temporary massive mortuaries up and down the country and the contracts run from this winter till 2025.

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