Fauci Says That Americans Will “Just Have To Deal With” the Prospect of Getting More Coronavirus Booster Shots. When Will People Say Enough!

Fauci Says That Americans Will “Just Have To Deal With” the Prospect of Getting More Coronavirus Booster Shots. When Will People Say Enough!

Fauci Says That Americans Will “Just Have To Deal With” the Prospect of Getting More Coronavirus Booster Shots. When Will People Say Enough!

By Ben Swann


President Biden’s comments that this winter will bring death and hospitalization for the unvaccinated and their families is not only irresponsible, but it is also wrong. We break down why Omicron may be the answer to herd immunity.

Here’s what others had to say:

Marcey Marcee
At this point I watch press conferences and mainstream news for comedic relief. We shouldn’t try to make sense out of the NONsense we hear or read on a daily basis. “News” isn’t reported only parroted. Truth is an illusion or at best an opinion. After all Dr Fauci “is science“.

Nicoles Cheshire Cat
So Biden tells us we will have a winter of suffering and death. This is a man who is still a school boy (especially with the dementia affecting him) who KNOWS that Americans have had enough of his lies and we are turning away from him. He is incensed that we are not supporting him anymore and he is very unpopular. What does an unpopular boy do? He tries to scare and make others upset, he has a vendetta against Americans. He has Presidential power still, so he does his best to make our lives crappy. I tune him out completely…we should ignore what he says and does and NOT let him have any effect on our lives. And this announcement made 3 days before Christmas, what a joke. He wishes us a miserable Christmas for those who still believe anything he says.

Reuben Langdon
desperate moves for a desperate group of people, the house of cards are falling…very fast. Humanity will prevail.

Liz Nonato- DeJesus
They treat us like a bunch of rats in their science project!

Mark Humiston
It sounds more like a threat than a prediction….

DebbieTom Dodson
Natural immunity wins over we reached it

Deanne Kosmicki
When our silly president starts acknowledging the deaths due to the vaccines and acknowledges the ones seriously injured due to the vaccines then we can talk…

Barb Hutchinson-Pante
So when are they going to get this lunatic out of office? Between his mumbling nonsense, calling Camel toe president numerous times….over 40 yrs in congress accomplishing literally nothing…how much farther does this need to go before enough is enough?!

Julie Olsen
Accountability? You and I both know there will be none!

MJ Swentkofske
What an incompetent embarrassment to our country. He’s running our country right into the outhouse.

Van Harklerode
Me and my family ( wife and son ) are not vaccinated. We will not get vaccinated. I had to early retire from 40 years of government service because I would not get vaccinated. You can check on us in March to see if we are still here. FJB, Let’s Go Brandon. Don’t trust the politicians on health issues.

Patricia Wise
I became a republican after Biden unconstitutional, discriminatory, unethical and illegal forcing of ppl to take an EUA vx… I have no ideas how this is happening.. oh yes I do.. they did it before…. slavery

Jeff Murray
You are absolutely correct, but we should not overlook the importance of early outpatient treatment to stop viral replication within 72 hours of infection and following that up with the known, powerful, anti inflammatory steroids and anticoagulant drugs.

Denise M. Simon
Unvaxxed! Is he joking or just plain crazy?..

Susan Gilbride
How does he know ??? Only God knows what’s gonna happen .. Hmmmmm I wonder what he knows that we dont ??? Sarcasm

Tanya Lee Rogers
Great reporting as always Ben…..Biden showing his true colours. He wants to break the US the same as our Deputy PM wants to break Canada. Keep the truth going!

Hilda J Richey
Please either caption your videos or provide transcripts for the benefit of deaf and heard of hearing viewers. Thank you. Keep up the great work.

Salvatina Agba
We know what happened to the Pharoahs and the Goliaths of the world. What a fall they had in their power and pride. People recognize when the devil is speaking evil through it agents releasing a curse. Cancel the curse for you and your family and speak the Truth of the Word of God with Victory in Christ Jesus ! We are beautifully and wonderfully made!!

Richard TerHaar
Isn’t a presidents first priority to always promote hope? Biden’s biggest platform was unity. This is not promoting unity but division.

Tante Hilda
…the Pres. CAN’T jz recognize TRUTH abt. God & His POWER to SUSTAIN life, REAL 1! People of GOD ‘remain FIRM in Him, d Author of Life even r Faith!

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