Cov Has Been Debunked

Cov Has Been Debunked

Cov Has Been Debunked

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre

Covid has been de bunked

A complete and utter fraud.

Underestimated the danger of Covid?

More like underestimated the danger of letting the Fox guard the hen house . ( according to a motion put through European Parliament in 2010, the drug companies have dangerous levels of influence over the WHO and got caught out trying to hype a normal flu strain out of Sth America into a Global Pandemic – they have subsequently changed the definitions of a pandemic to get this falsified pandemic to qualify )

A falsified pandemic that they failed to make as deadly as they hoped, but hyped by their media spruiker outlets,to create irrational fear, to get the uneducated, and gullible, to take a lethal injection ( 6 actually planned per year ) to be more deadly then any virus could have dreamed of being,and now make the vaxxed super spreaders, of spike proteins and of all sorts of deadly viruses injected into them )

Plus they used deliberate medical malpractice, to murder people in ICU’s, globally, by paying hospitals to put patients on a banned Ebola drug ,( banned as it killed 54% of patients in trials ) then put on ventilators, which kill even more,and then falsely list as dying of Covid , which they never had,as no one yet can still show evidence of it ever existing – which is somewhat concerning )

$1 million reward if anyone can prove the virus exists using Koch’s postulate standard – not a computer generated by consensus of genome sequencing fraudulent bullshit .

If I had $100 million I would put that much up.

How easy have the population been to manipulate? A big lesson in how niave and gullible humans can be

Covid fraud deniers who have now become vaxxine extremists.

Angry if someone highlights the truth

That’s just a conspiracy theory they yell ignorantly and arrogantly ( like they have stored the fraud of the industry for almost a decade ) and as they slump back into their lounge chair to soak in more conspiracy theories su fb as we have a Covid pandemic that requires innocent people to be bashed and shot at , closer of business’s and to wear masks and global communism and to all take a deadly lethal injection or lose your job .

Such a scam and such obvious Bs , that I feel so embarrassed for so called smart people who still believe this crazy conspiracy with zero evidence.

$1 million I’ll pay for a single autopsy of the 5 million supposed Covid deaths for proof a single person died of Covid.

Most are Scared of a fake virus , they never even bothered to ask for evidence of , and now they line up for a fake vaccine which is a experimental drug disguised as a vaccine with the side effect of death, which now most who have taken 2 are coming to Australian National Review

Begging now, how to reverse the effects, as they have realised they were conned into taking solehing that’s rushed to market, unnecessary, ineffective, unproven, untested, dangerous and deadly experimental drug.

When no one has caught anything other then some maybe a typical flu.

Yes they did try hard to create a deadly bio weapon out of Wuhan, but miserably failed ,so they just hyped it,as if it was deadly and with their paid for media outlets scared the planet into thinking it was true.

I did call this fraud out as early as Feb 2020 and how some didn’t want to listen then, but they surely are waking up in droves now , just like I told people to leave Melb over a year ago that this was coming as it was a chosen Rockefeller Resilent City as is Sydney and 98 other cities worldwide.

And even though now ,it’s so obvious you aren’t going to die of Covid ,and no one has.

They died of deliberate medical malpractice or existing co morbitities, and now dying of the vaccine .

But the truth is hard for some to swallow , yet total bs from mainstream media that’s paid to sell the deadly drugs is ?

Wake your friends up .

And help end the scam and fraud before they murder your entire family and lock up anyone that’s knows the truth.

The Australian National Review will go after every corrupt politician and anyone supporting this fraud and pushing experimental drugs on others.

As will our Global Independent Media Partners.

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Tommy Gunn
If I don’t take the jab by Friday, got no job, homeless in months, WTF am I supposed to do, easy for you to say, actually on your side with all this, got no choice like others.

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