Truthcoin, Has Finalised an All Crypto Deal To Acquire Bitcoin 2.0 Before Its Listing by June 30,2022

Truthcoin, Has Finalised an All Crypto Deal To Acquire Bitcoin 2.0 Before Its Listing by June 30,2022

Truthcoin, Has Finalised an All Crypto Deal To Acquire Bitcoin 2.0 Before Its Listing by June 30, 2022

By Staff Reporter

Truthcoin, has finalised an all crypto deal to acquire Bitcoin 2.0 before its listing by June 30, 2022.

Truthcoin, which  lists June 30,on mid-tier exchange Azbits and later Coinbits, has finalised an all crypto deal, to acquire Bitcoin 2.0 before its listing.
The price is confirmed, at  $0.10.

As many early users of Bitcoin 2.0 have been cashing out their profits, it’s kept downward pressure on Bitcoin 2.0 price  in recent months, plus with the crypto market down, liquidity has reduced across all cryptos substantially, affecting Bitcoin 2.0 price which has dropped to below $0.05 cents at times. This also made it vulnerable to takeovers.

Truthcoin is a part of the TruthGroup, which has, and is launching many censor free social media platforms, such as, which already has amassed tens of thousands of users, and 125,000  posts in its first few months of soft launch, before it officially launches soon.
An escrow period will apply from June 30, 2022 for Bitcoin 2.0 and Truthcoin Pre Ico holders as per Whitepaper requirements for Truthcoin donors and subject to sale terms for Bitcoin 2.0 holders.

Bitcoin 2.0 has suspended trading as per requirements leading up to be listed as part of Truthcoin, which lists as TRP under its TruthPay brand.

As mainstream media dies, Truth Group and its platforms  expect to rise as alternate  independent media and alternate social media is booming. Every billion in market cap Facebook lose is for other censor free social media companies like Truth Group to gain.

An array of Truth Group new apps, designed to replace the major social media networks, under the one brand the “Truth” Brand created by the “Truth Group” include TruthTweet (a Twitter alternative), TruthTok (a Tiktok alternative), TruthTube (YouTube alternative), (a censor-free search engine), TruthGram (Telegram alternative). Instagram alternative),  TruthMeet (Zoom like conferencing), TruthApps (whats app alternative) and TruthChat (a messenger alternative), all designed to be censor-free, and with many being designed, so that a post to one, can be sent automatically to many.
Some of the Apps are launched already, such as the alternative to Facebook with tens of thousands of users already posted over 125,000  posts in its short time since soft launch, with many becoming available soon.
Truthcoin is the currency to be used by the Truth Group new apps, and it will be listed on selected crypto exchanges in late June 2022,to enable supporters to pre-purchase subscriptions, ads and use the marketplace with TruthGroup and other merchants. Truthcoin set to launch its payment system TruthPay and list early June on Crypto Exchanges as TruthPay and TRP as its Exchange Ticker.
Truth Coin is a large supporter of independent media and “Take back Our World” objectives.

Truthcoin begins issuing wallets in coming weeks, so Bitcoin 2.0 and Truthcoin and Our World Coin holders should follow the main telegram thread for updates, as some users aren’t receiving emails blocked by spam.

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