Is an Altcoin Surge Coming? | Here’s What You Need To Know

Is an Altcoin Surge Coming? | Here’s What You Need To Know

Is an Altcoin Surge Coming? | Here’s What You Need To Know

By DataDash

Here’s what others had to say:

Went on with the ooe project, really nice, too bad I missed 2 airdrop rounds =))

Poli K
Fantom has more trading volume than Solana Avalanche BnB Polkadot. Seriously undervalued.

Dan MD
You and Ben Cowen are by far the most knowledgeable Crypto YouTubers out there.

Keith Chambers
always good at summing up, calmly and accurately, thanks Nick.

Artem Ostapchuk
Hey Nick, what about chainlink? And thanks for an amazing content as always!

Hey Nick, many thanks for the great content that you provide.I wanted to ask you the chart you show regarding altcoin dominance isn’t the btc dominance or is a chart that you inverted and tailor made?
Many thanks

Great video as always Nick. I said to a friend of mine not to get caught up in the green days for alts recently as for most they are only back to where they were trading a few weeks ago (green day dillussion i call it lol).
I plan to cycle my profits into stable coins rather than risk investing in more alts – what are the rest of you doing?

Robert Iulian
“Jay is a really good guy in this case” – Nick you just can`t help it haha

Crypto Head
Great work as always Nick

Aurijus Trikšys
What actually would be great is to learn on when to take profits. As in exactly what resistance levels, what indicators, how often to take the profits, etc. Thank you for the content! <3

Nick Hoeven
really valuable stuff thanks Nicholas

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