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Did You Know There Is a Sneaky Way To Earn Up 22.5% Pa Fixed Return on Your Holdings?

Did You Know There Is a Sneaky Way To Earn Up 22.5% Pa Fixed Return on Your  Holdings?

By Staff Reporter

Did you know there is a sneaky way to earn up 22.5% pa fixed return on your Bitcoin or top 20 crypto holdings or funds, simply by finding cryptos offering fixed returns for a year or more.

Many smart crypto investors have found some smaller cap cryptos, that are listed already on Exchanges, that will pay decent returns starting immediately, for those that qualify.

Why are some smaller cap Cryptos offering such good returns?

The main reason is it grows their liquidity in the earlier stages of being listed say on mid-tier exchanges, to get them in qualification to get onto the Tier 1 Exchanges, where they can access a lot more investors.

So by offering a fixed % return, it rewards investors who wish to diversify some of their Bitcoin or crypto or cash or funds into the emerging coin for a year say, then they can either roll it over at the end of the term, or sell out of their holdings via the Exchanges after banking their return for the year.

One of the best returns being offered recently we found was by an emerging 5-year-old crypto, backed by a solid proven team, that’s offering for a limited time a generous 22.5%.

That’s a coin called Bitcoin 2.0 There is others we found offering also 15% pa for 12 months, but Bitcoin 2.0 is the current best deal we could find, especially as it only requires a minimum $10,000 to park your funds with their crypto for a minimum 12 months.

Bitcoin 2.0 (which is in its 5th year of existence and steadily growing) and listed on mid-tier exchanges, preparing for tier-one Exchange listing next year is offering solid returns to top 20 Crypto holders or even new purchasers.

What’s the catch?
To qualify for the very generous 22.5% pa fixed return (paid in Bitcoin 2.0 end of term in 12 months) you’ll require as mentioned  a minimum of $10,000 purchase (you can use Bitcoin or any top 20 cryptos or use your credit card or bank transfer to purchase.)

For $5000 USD  minimum you can still collect a nice 19.25% pa and $2500 USD a 17.5%.
Or if you can only afford $1000 USD minimum, 10% pa is still available.

The deals are limited of course, and demand can scoop up the returns on offer, if you are not quick to lock-in, and then you could have to settle for a  lower rate.

But seeing it’s currently 22.5% pa for 12 months paid in crypto at end of the term, I didn’t hesitate to lock in some.

The best place we found to access such deals was on the following exchange site:
The good news is you can simply extend your Top 20 crypto, at end of the term if you wish, or simply list your Bitcoin 2.0 on exchanges for sale and cash out.Why do some stable smaller cryptos offer this?
It’s done as a way to attract market share, and many investors are wanting to diversify from just holding say Bitcoin, so it’s becoming attractive to diversify, but as smaller cryptos are less liquid than say Bitcoin, it’s a price they are prepared to pay to have you invest into their growing crypto, for a period of 12 months.But for 22.5% pa fixed for 12 months, secured by crypto, it’s one bet many more crypto holders or normal investors would happily do if they knew of such simple ways to access lucrative returns, whilst still keeping large upside of the cryptos continues to rise.Bitcoin 2.0 is a more advanced and faster payment system than its predecessor, like an upgrade from the iPhone 1. Which was needed as a payment system Bitcoin was and is a little clunky.

Bitcoin 2.0 also is backed by the fast-growing Global Independent Media industry that’s pushing back against “fake mainstream media”, and is backed by the real value in advertising credits in independent media news sites and news networks meaning it at any time can be converted to using for advertising space for any business or individual or sold to anyone wanting to utilise advertising. This gives it an additional intrinsic value above Bitcoin. Bitcoin was founded to remove the power of money supply from the greedy central bankers to put it back in the hands of the people.

Bitcoin 2.0 has recently just listed on two new exchanges Azbit, and Coinsbit, and also listed on Bitxchange


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